Online Events: New reality, same old trust


‘Festival em casa’; ‘Como é que o Bicho Mexe’; ‘Visite 50 museus sem precisar de sair do sofá’ or ‘Um 13 de maio inédito em Fátima’: the list of online events hosted by digital platforms over the last few months is endless, but these four examples undoubtedly reflect the (even greater) importance of the online presence in this new reality that we are living.

‘Reinvent’ has become the watchword for most sectors – especially tourism, one of the sectors most affected by Covid-19, the common, silent, invisible enemy that has proved itself capable of radically changing the way we lived as a society.

However, one thing is certain: as social media were already so embedded in our daily routines, this adaptation was almost unconscious in most cases.

During the pandemic, people started using apps that are now known by everyone, such as ‘House Party’ or ‘Zoom’. Over the last few months, these apps have become part of this revolution that has transformed professional relationships – with teleworking entering the lives of most Portuguese – and personal relationships – when suddenly a code sent by SMS or e-mail became the invitation to a birthday party… Surely, it was not always easy, but the group would eventually gather and sing “Happy Birthday”, although Aunt Lourdes made it to the end of the lockdown without realising there was no Internet in that part of the living room, which led to her image being frozen frequently.

In addition to the impact on human relationships, coronavirus has prevented us from travelling (the environment is grateful, not everything is bad!) and attending large or small events.

Lately, the words ‘cancelled’ and ‘postponed’ were two of the most used words worldwide, sounding an alarm to thousands of businesses. Multilem was no exception, as the company perceived from early on that it would have to be in the forefront of this new era. Making a difference in the event sector became the paramount target of the company. From this moment on, Multilem’s only promise was to keep the commitment and dedication levels that had always guided all projects. We created a new service – Digital Events by Multilem.

As in the last 30 years, this new path has not prevented us from thinking and creating in an exclusive and creative way for each one of our clients – knowing beforehand that each event asks for a unique concept that must be capable of attracting, stimulating and creating proximity with the audience.

“In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” This famous quote from Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier is the perfect representation of the new reality we are now living, in which digital media are in the forefront.

We can only guarantee that we will not go offline: we will continue to innovate with the same confidence as always and without ever losing our identity.

We believe online events will get a space of their own, and even act as a complement to future ‘in loco’ projects. By using our knowledge, along with the tools that are available in the market and digital techniques, we can create differentiating and unique proposals.

We will stay connected in the certainty that our main project is that we can be physically together. Once again.


Rosa Vaz, Account Manager

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