e-sports arena

On the other hand, I was also surprised we were consulted for a type of project we are not really used to do and, to which, there were certainly other specialized professionals.

At the end, the challenge was to create something totally different from what I am used to do: a space that could accommodate 6 gaming teams, where they could train all day, with a leisure area and an arena prepared to receive the outside teams.

The E-Sports Arena design was based on the 80’s games language. We used and adapted geometric shapes and basic lines to suspended elements with light and some details in the tables. It looked like as if we were assisting to a construction of planes and colours.

For the space environment, the idea was to find balance between the contemporary style, low use of light but use of led, and a welcoming and comfortable space, thinking about the people who would be spending a lot a time in there. So, the E-Sports Arena space was divided in two main areas: First, the entrance with a lounge and a small meal area, and after, the training zone for the players to practice for real.

The Lounge was conceived for a totally relaxed environment, with a ping-pong table and a few arcades machines. We used wood and placed comfortable furniture, to create a warmer space.

For the training area, we used darker materials and repeated the shapes to foster the rhythm in training. We also used some chromatic elements to identify and differentiate each team. The area was divided in islands, with access to all kinds of consoles, and were arranged in a way that allows the players to maintain contact.

In this space, we can also find the Arena, a kind of amphitheatre, marked by coloured paving stones, to received guests during tournaments.

The original project considered a raw ceiling, with a visible slab, but due to technical structural issues, it was not possible to maintain the idea. So, we built a dark structure to control the light and the environment, with a matrix that brought us back to the language of the 80’s movie Tron.

The E-Sports result made the client so happy, that the delivery of the space became a funny moment I could have never imagined, while ones were playing with the arcades, others were competing in the ping pong tables. This was, without doubt, a sign of approval and trust.

We also received some feedback that, according to some of the comments, this is a unique space, with no parallel national and internationally.

Gonçalo Figueiredo, Deputy Creative Director.

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