The project was developed with a first premise: the time, or the lack thereof. This was the great challenge, namely the deadline for the entire redesigning action, since the main purpose of the remodelling was to do the best possible work in the shortest possible time, maintaining which has been one of the core values of Multilem over 30 years in the market: the quality of our work.

During the course of the project, the client had specific needs that forced us to adjust the deadlines and face new challenges, such as the organization of an external event that required speeding up the completion of part of the work, so that to receive guests and participants in a new fully operational space; as well as an internal event in honour of one of the founding partners of Morais Leitão Law Firm, which required the completion, at a certain stage of the project, of a space for a small meeting with about 30 people. Both demanding challenges were completed on time with all the conditions that were established.

As in any project that needs to be successful, communication with the client was a strong and strategic point in this redesigning, as well as the relationship between all the main players: designing team, inspection, subcontractors. Especially since in all works there are always different solutions to deal with, new ideas to propose, last-minute changes to carry out, technologies to adapt, artistic installations to implement, as well as special requests. And all of them call for creativity and a feedback with the proper construction solutions. This project is an echo of such complexity, in which all customer requests were met, had the right response, as well as the adequate timing. We have always listened to the client, to designers, and to the inspection bodies. We have adapted our know-how at all times and also provided technical solutions. Even the most difficult ones to implement in time, especially considering the deadlines that were previously established.

This special relationship with the client Morais Leitão and all interested parties, plus the ability to listen and help, are the “key tools” that enrich us, that make us grow, that make us evolve. Those are the values that we believe and promote in Multilem. And those are the values that keep us active, creative, with enough energy to execute unique projects. Another of the differences that singularize us is our own internal creative team. That allow us to understand that the creative process is a means within a project, in which emerging ideas may add new layers of interest. We have the ability to easily adapt to anything that may improve and enhance the initial project.

We live in an age where everything, or almost everything, is possible, thanks to the materials that are now available in the market. In this specific project, the designers’ commitment was to work with premium materials, from wallpaper to acoustic insulation, through thermo-laminated claddings of recognized quality, to the latest-generation aluminium sliding frame system, which allows the use of large glazed areas. When the materials used are well combined and applied, they result in a successful project, just like this one. In a building built in the mid-20th century, we took advantage of present-time techniques and innovations. At the client’s Morais Leitão request, we have implemented the DALI system, designed to manage lighting in the intermediate floors, creating lighting solutions that are complex in an easy and convenient way. Nowadays, sustainability plays an important role. And our client expressed this concern by innovating in its workplace within quality and efficiency standards.

This project makes us very proud. In fact, we “ran” a lot and slept very little. We chose to cut down on holidays and weekends, because we were involved and motivated to solve all problems, to support the client as much as we could, as well as to make this project Society Morais Leitão a reality. From my experience, projects are always projects until they are executed. I would say that in this particular case, with the process of implementing the new image, the project took shape during the work in progress. Because details always come up, designers need to “feel” the space to define the best solution, and thus shape their ideas. Although each project is unique in itself, our commitment is always the same: respect for deadlines, quality of the finishes, and total customer satisfaction. This is our main focus in all stages of the process – Factory and Society.

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Marco Rodrigues, Technical Manager.