The successful event, organised “in record time”, could put the agency on the list of ‘top of mind’ companies offering concept creation, production and event management services.

A thousand people took pa! in Google Cloud Day, a Google event held at the Estoril Congress Centre in June this year, which brought together executives, engineers, pa!ners and clients to follow the transformation that the cloud can bring to companies.

A Multilem client for seven years, the technology and internet giant once again turned to the company’s 360 design, construction and event management services to organise an event that Gonçalo Figueiredo, Multilem’s creative director, considers to have been “unique in Po!ugal”.

With three months to prepare the event, Multilem took on the responsibilities of creating the Google Cloud Day concept, graphic conceptualisation, venue decoration, production of
audiovisual materials, event management, among other tasks.

Two days to set up the event

From the outset, Google’s request seemed to be a project like so many others created by Multilem over its 37 years of experience in the market, but it ended up becoming a case study for the company, due to the “record time” in which they had to set up the event, with only two days instead of the usual “four, five”.

“We had a day and a half for assembly and half a day for testing, which made us a li&le apprehensive,” explains Teresa Barreto, Multilem’s commercial director. The agency
was forced to “change the chip” in terms of operations, “guaranteeing a larger team than usual and operation managers by zone to fulfil the schedule to the minute”, she adds.

For the project’s creative director, the time allocated to assembly was also “the big challenge” of Google Cloud Day, an event which he considers to have been more complex because it had “several sessions simultaneously and was broadcast live”.

“Pu&ing on an event this size in two days was almost a record for us and, in that respect, it can be considered a case study for Multilem, for the future, not least to realise our potential and identify how to guarantee speed without compromising quality,” says Gonçalo Figueiredo.

Other changes were added to the reduced assembly and testing time. “We sta!ed to realise that the number of people was doubling and tripling and suddenly, on the day of the event, we had three times as many people as we were supposed to. We had to adapt everything,” Teresa recalls.

For Teresa Barreto, there’s another lesson to be learnt from the event: to simplify, proposing lighter structures than those they’re used to suggesting.“In other words, to be creative
about it too. Maintaining quality, sustainability, and comfo$, but still being able to build
on time and deliver ahead of schedule,” she emphasises.

The increased “demand” of the Google brand

The visibility that the Google brand has all over the world means that it is more “demanding” than other clients, as Teresa Barreto believes that it is “a brand that everything it does is going to be shared, it has an impact and there is always an expectation on the pa! of the visitor or pa!icipant at the event, or even on the pa! of the social networks or those who follow the brand”.

Gonçalo Figueiredo also admits to “feeling this pressure” but emphasises that it’s events like Google Cloud Day that then serve as a showcase for Multilem’s work.

“Before I worry about the success of my creative project, I’m much more concerned about the end result of this event and the visibility it will have and the projection it will have.
Ultimately, that good experience with people outside the event, visitors and the event going 100 per cent well and people liking it, will be our calling card in the future. That’s what fulfils us and that’s what we can then earn,” says the creative. Based on the success of Google Cloud Day, Teresa Barreto has no doubt that the future of Multilem in Po!ugal will be marked by
this experience. “Multilem, despite having a very consolidated po’olio in this type of action, may not be the ‘top of mind’ of marketing managers in the Po!uguese market. But doing this, doing it well and having feedback on this scale for such a visible brand, can undoubtedly clarify our positioning,” she concludes.