Throughout an entire week we were volunteers during our lunch breaks, and we were selling various items in order to enhance our contributions for the famous “Dr. Clowns”, that for more than 17 years, have been bringing joy to hospitalised children in over 15 Portuguese hospitals.

As we like poking our noses in good causes, we have sold 63% of the proposed value which makes us very happy! The team spirit, the enthusiasm and social responsibility are part of Multilem DNA, and we have embraced this fundraising campaign since day one, bringing it to our homes, families and groups of friends.

One of our staff members shared the red noses initiative with Estrela Futebol Clube Ouriquense, the football team sponsored by Multilem. We were able to deliver equipment to the club and put our red noses on. Many of the athletes are aware of this cause through colleagues who are or have been hospitalised.

Being challenged to contribute and support good causes continues to make us happy. Saturday, June 1st is the official Red Nose Day. We have come together to prescribe joy.

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