In 2020, right after the first lock down, we installed our solar power plant (in our headquarters at Azambuja), that shortly started to bear fruits even with the slow return to business of our sector during and after the pandemic. Now, after two years, the numbers are showing and do not require any explanation so, we decided to increase the power plant investment and to become even more efficient.


So, counting on the services of PROFIT ENERGY, we installed a production unit for self-consumption which consists in more than 400 solar panels, whose estimated produced energy is, approximately, of 205 MWh/year, that will allow Multilem to have an energetic independence of 27% from the electricity grid and reducing the electricity costs.

Also regarding sustainability, still during the pandemic we did and intense study on our fleet.

Since 2017 we had an mixed fleet, with 100% electric solutions and others Plugin. We were always following the market evolution and, taking our geographical location, we wanted to bring value to Azambuja as we do have employees for all the surrounding areas, we have now a fleet of 30 electric cars.


After an extensive analysis of these numbers, we search for more suitable solutions, changed mentalities and defined a path, a model, a purchase mode with the partners Santogal and LeasePlan and decided for a 100% electric fleet.

Finally, and hand in hand with the solar panels, we also made an investment and a booster to enable  our parking spaces with chargers for our employees, providing the comfort and safety to charge the vehicle when arriving to work. In order for this procedure to be possible, we search for external charging solutions in partnership with Prio and introduced AppMiio, that has everything that is needed to reassure all those who wants to use chargers from north to south of the country.

The first steps of the Multilem path for sustainability are still being made and, with the notion of the long challenge that lies ahead, comes also the certainty that we do not want to stop here and that we must and want to have a more active role in this common responsibility.

By Vasco Santos, Head of Logistics.

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