Celfocus’s “Global Inspiration Day” was held in Lisbon, at ONE 16, and was entirely signed by Multilem. The guidelines for designing and conducting the event focused on promoting inspiration, motivation and creativity.

For this meeting a unique concept was developed, with a unique image – GO (ALL) – putting people at the centre.

The objective was to maintain the dynamics of Celfocus quarterly meetings, but the focus was on developing through this event a unique moment in the company’s agenda. The institutional event promoted the coexistence and interaction among all employees.

The meeting was divided into two moments: the first focused on the institutional side and the second focused on the festive atmosphere.

At the entrance was a long red carpet that led participants into the accreditation zone. Then the guests were directed to the stage where the conferences were taking place.

At the coffee break, the walls of the bar were lined with red beach buoys in a strong appeal to summer gatherings. Later the buoys were used as accessories for other moments of the party.

In one of the event spaces, overlooking the river, the ceiling was filled with (also) red balloons with inspiring messages, which made the scenery irresistibly “instagrammable”.

In the second moment, the party took place in another part of the space where a dance floor was placed, decorated with the image of the event, the “O” divided from GO (all).

The tires with flower arrangements were some of the most outstanding elements making the moment unforgettable.

The lighting of the space, in the tones of the brand, provided a warm, cosy and intimate atmosphere.

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