COP26 2021

Multilem was for the first time in the United Nations Conference for the Climate Change, with CNI – Confederação Nacional da Indústria Brasileira.

The event took place for two weeks in Glasgow, in the UK. Counted with the participation of almost 200 countries in order to compromise together and accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

CNI was presented by a 200 m2 stand, assembled mainly with sustainable materials, like the natural moss and the three natural trees in the networking area, working as symbols of the brand commmitment to the environment. The stand also had two meeting rooms, two studios with led panel backgrounds, where digital events were streamed.

One of the stand side walls was decorated with coloured water bottles, envolving the led tvs and representing the 6 brazlian biomes.

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