The Google Arts & Culture event organized and designed by Multilem in January in the main hall of the new National Museum of Cars was presented by Maria Botelho Moniz. Around the room were various digitally framed metal structures where participants could see and interact with works of art scattered around museums around the world. The biggest surprise was reserved on stage when the partner entities presented and interacted with the Google Arts & Culture app.

More than 3,000 works of art from the Portuguese cultural heritage are now part of the Google Arts & Culture app. The event was attended by the Minister of Culture Graça Fonseca. Through this application anyone has access to works of art scattered in museums around the world through the features of virtual reality.

The app also lets you take selfies through face recognition and you can find people like you on pictures that are in museums that are google partners in this app. “We want this to be the first partnership between us and Google,” said Minister Graça Fonseca, addressing Amit Sood, director of the Google Cultural Institute who answered with the question, “How fast can we move forward?”

From here any network user can access works such as the Panels of St. Vincent, the largest piece of art scanned by google in a quality of over 140 billion pixels.

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