Google Home, Madrid 2018

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Google Home was launched in Madrid and Multilem was the agency responsible for the event around the artificial intelligence device made by Google! It is a column with the functions of a personal assistant who manages the agenda, informs about appointments and has a wealth of information available online and up to date with numerous contents including weather, traffic, stock market information, and any events that may interest you according to your profile. All this in a hands-free system.

The event Google Home took place in a space designed to communicate and enhance the benefits of the product. One of the proposed objectives was to increase sales by creating a home experience, that is, we created a home with various spaces and scenarios where the customer could try the device.

We created several environments: a lobby, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room. Across the rooms of the house there were scattered phrases to show the versatility of the equipment: – Ok Google, can you tell me my schedule for today? Ok Google, what time is my flight this afternoon? or Ok Google, put the “Discoveries of the week” playlist on Spotify.

The scenarios were constructed with simple structures, natural lighting, a fresh and surprising environment that awakened the desire to discover every corner.

Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound allowed guests to understand how to interact with each space division created to deliver shareable content on social networks and create a buzz around the launch of the device – Google Home.

At the launch event, journalists and digital influencers were present. It was proposed that the event be thought of as an informative and fun meeting with unique experiences, where you feel privileged and excited to be at the event and write comments and share content on your own digital media.

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