Super Bock chose Multilem once again as their partner for the 2023 Super Bock Super Rock festival, held at Meco, being responsible by the creation of significant areas, including the camping site, main entrance arch, VIP zone, the Super Bock Super Rock television space, and even the lighthouse, which served as a central meeting point.

Prioritising sustainability at its core, each element was meticulously design, produced and assembled, with the iconic beer crates taking centre stage in the design. Consequently, Multilem successfully achieved Super Bock’s objectives by constructing practical and eco-conscious structures and spaces that authentically reflected the brand’s DNA. These seamlessly integrated into the festival grounds, leaving a lasting impression on festival-goers, while fostering gatherings among friends.

This great project marked another challenge overcome with distinction by Multilem, infusing life and prominence into the Super Bock brand, and in turn, creating unforgettable moments.

Thank you very much to Super Bock for this extraordinary opportunity; it has been an immense honour!

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