TAP Air Portugal



The story behind the magic!

Multilem and TAP Air Portugal joined forces to revolutionize the travel experience, and the result was unforgettable. We are proud to revisit this project, which earned our client TAP Air Portugal these accolades at BTL:

First Place Creativity
Honorable Mention International Stand

From vision to reality, we created an immersive space that made visitors feel as if they were among the clouds, mixing comfort and imagination. The space embodied a more empathetic and less technological spirit. As our creative department said, “The journey begins before boarding”.

The experience took visitors from check-in to a luxurious lounge, with personalized luggage and exclusive travel items from the TAP Air Portugal store.

Thank you, TAP Air Portugal, for allowing us to elevate your brand and establish a deep connection with your audience. Together, we soar to new heights!

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