Lisbon was the chosen city for a YOUTUBE EMEA off site. Bringing together people from Europe, Middle East and Africa in the city of the 7 hills for a meeting out of doors and thus be able to live a unique city for a day, was the great motto of this off site.

After a full day walking through the streets of the city, getting in touch with Lisbon’s most emblematic places, the guests ended their experience in Lisbon in a “very typical” dinner organized, idealized and assembled by Multilem. The goal was to recreate the spirit of the entire city in a single room and create a setting that would globally highlight the city’s characteristics and particularities. The final result was an exclusive space where there was no lack of unforgettable icons, delicious details and even famous delicacies: Fernando Pessoa in Brasileira; the white clotheslines; the most famous chairs of the city – the Gonçalo chairs; Manjericos and its songs; the lights of the festivals of the city; the facades of buildings of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Lisbon, such as Graça or Alfama; Fado and of course pastéis de nata (custard tarts) to go along with it.

The space, for 400 people, was divided into several areas that did not undo the main idea of open space: it welcomed the guests in an accreditation area, provided networking moments in the “esplanade” area, gave everyone the opportunity to create their instagram moments in an original photobooth inspired by typical Fado houses, hosted areas for snacks in typical street stalls and also included a stage that was the protagonist of the grand closure of the event in a live concert, recalling the streets of Lisbon, with Portuguese sidewalk and century-old buildings.

In the end, we proudly say, “it was a very welcoming typical lisbon experience”.

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