Changing is not easy. Being forced to change doesn’t sound good. It takes effort. Takes us off our comfort zone, makes us change routines, and rethink what we thought was right.

No one was prepared for this change. Working from home, which appeared appealing, is now synonyms with boredom and loneliness for some, and confusion and lack of focus for others.

The end of this mad year is coming and with it Christmas. Another ride on this derailed roller coaster that came to mess our lives. Another date we will have to relearn how to live. Because this year has been made of novelty and learning, and Christmas will be no exception.

Christmas is tradition. And our tradition involves gathering. Sharing, being there, talking, caring. All pieces that hardly fit the puzzle that is this new life.

But don’t lose hope. Change is good. It makes us stop and rethink life. Makes us realize what’s important and treasure what we were taking for granted. Makes us slow down and be in charge of our own time. Makes us be creative and able to find new ways of doing what we have always done in the same way.

Christmas is family time. Is gathering our extended family, and getting another board under the tablecloth to expand the table. Is sharing meals and showing how much we care for our loved ones.

But it’s also time to rush. Not to be truly present because we are in a hurry to get to the next event. To offer senseless gifts because we cannot show empty handed. To spend money without thinking or buy things by impulse because it’s Christmas Eve and we still have several names to cross off our list.

This year, we will probably not be gathering our extended family. We will not be running to the shopping centres last minute, and we will certainly not have any money to spend in shallow impulses. But we can gather our closest relatives and take time to learn about each other’s lives. And we can call someone we like and haven’t seen for a while, or cook for those who are alone. And we will certainly have to find new ways to show to those we love how important they are.

Many of us will not have Christmas parties at their companies. We will not hear the speeches of our bosses, have drinks all night long, or even take that colleague to the dance floor. But this year has also taught us many good things. We cannot be together, but we can live Christmas together. We cannot celebrate in the same space, but we can take Christmas to each other’s homes. The essence of Christmas isn’t the party, but how we celebrate together, even if not in person.

Christmas is a time for giving thanks. And this year, more than ever, we must thank the effort and dedication of every one who has often worked more hours and was paid less. We must motivate each other and celebrate the company for having come this far. It’s time to say to others how important and invaluable they are. Because if we can motivate each other and work as a team, we will go further. And wanting to go further was never as literal as today.

It’s a strange journey, this one. Of rediscovering ourselves and life. But nothing is forever. And when this is all behind us and we can return to our past lives, perhaps we will look back and realize that, in many aspects, we are better this way.

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