Take a dip in the pool, take a shower, wear your work clothes and return to the office. All this is possible at the Multilem facilities, based in Azambuja, where there is even a gym that the 50 or so employees can use freely. The Portuguese company for the design and construction of stands for fairs also extends its activities to the organization of events and interior design and already has presence in Luanda, Dubai and Sao Paulo.

To answer to these three areas of activity you need an extensive carpentry and warehouse area, which occupies the entire lower part of the headquarters building.

When, in a personal capacity, an employee needs a carpentry job, he can use these services at special prices for his employees. As it is far from restaurants, the company’s cafeteria is essential for employees. Lunch is free and the choice is varied: in addition to the meat and fish dishes, it is still possible to make a vegetarian or diet meal. At snack time, the company offers hot and cold drinks. “We have everything here and we can do everything together,” says Catarina Pedreira, communication and marketing coordinator.

Every three months the projects developed by the teams are evaluated and they can receive a prize between 500 and 1000 euros. For this, the organization draws up a list of 10 to 15 more interesting projects, which are later appreciated by a jury composed of representatives of the various areas of the company: commercial, creative and marketing. The most voted project wins the prize.

Flexibility at work

The balance between work and personal life plays an important role in Multilem. As many of the employees travel daily between Lisbon and Azambuja whenever possible, and to avoid unnecessary travel, they can choose to work from home. It is still normal to take a day to deal with personal matters without this being discounted on vacation, and the company still gives an extra day to be taken on the day or the month of the employee’s birthday. And if you’re working on your birthday, Multilem cooks you a cake.

Most people have already made at least one trip out of the country to visit the stands that the company rides at trade shows. These trips, which can last a day or stretch for a week, has as na objective to see the end result of your work, or to get inspired by international trends. “Many people have already gone to Dubai to work in our office,” says João Amado, commercial director. ©