We live in a global world, with different cultures, educations, requirements, and skills. We survive, we fight, we win but, in the end, we know that what really matters in our industry is expertise and team union. It is the people that help us every day to overcome the challenges from the GCC region, Europe, and the world, and to become more qualified to manage the Multilem clients.

The union of several personalities, nationalities, skills, and visions that can provide a unique performance.

2021 was a great year and 2022, that started only two months ago, anticipates being even better.

We have travelled to Cameroon with AFCOB and were able to control a crowd of people in a stadium, in a country where the events industry still has a long way to go.

We were in Abu Dhabi, at FIFA World Club where we organized exclusive dinners for VISA with the legend John Terry! And, in the las weeks, we were all over the world, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia, where we built 14 stands, and at the Trophy Tour for VISA World Cup in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.


We are aware that, in our project delivery processes, that goes from the creativity and availability from our designers, to the project managers patience and multitasking , ending in the building and construction skills of  “orange” builders in the Europe case, or with suppliers, we are only able to deliver outstanding projects if all our team is aligned and working for the same goal (designers, project leaders, builders and engineers).

The XIAOMI case, at MWC was a good example, no doubt. We had a great team working for the same goal – a 700 m2 stand that was delivered a day and a half before the beginning of the exhibition, which was only possible because a group of people was working hard and with energy to achieve and common goal. Harmony, discipline, mutual help, dedication, and a lot more, were the real contributes for the outcome, and we must thank our orange tireless and resilient team.

While in the south of Europe our project was heading in the perfect direction, in the other side of the world, in Saudi Arabia, our amazing team of wolves was living a similar team spirit, even if without our orange team. An extraordinary and resilient team of creative designers and project managers, that do not have a trustworthy and reliable construction team to count on, had that fought beyond the human to deliver the 14 projects. Although, with determination and perseverance, we did it, oh, yes we did!


 Coming Together is a beginning; Enduring together is a challenge; Achieving together is a lifelong bond!

I dedicate this article to our orange team, that are so professional, resilient, perfectionist, reliable, human, and available and that help us everyday building amazing projects and creating the brand MULTILEM.


Cristina Ramos, Senior Management at Multilem UAE and KSA.

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